Relational Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
with Dr. Antonietta DiCaccavo

Contact and Practicalities

How to get started

My therapy room is based in Bradford on Avon, West Wiltshire.  It is close to car parking facilities, bus stops and to the railway station.  It is easily accessible from surrounding areas in Wiltshire and Bath and North East Somerset. By rail, it is approximately 15 minutes from Bath, 30 minutes from Bristol, 30 minutes from Frome,  and 40 minutes from Salisbury.

If you want to find out more or arrange an initial meeting, then please contact me by phone on 0750 699 4743 . Please leave your name and contact details;  if I am not available immediately, I will call you back as soon as I can. Alternatively, you can e-mail me using the following address 

Please note that my e-mail address is available only for making appointments and not to counsel or advise.

How sessions are organised

In cognitive behavioural therapy, client and therapist work together, in a collaborative way to achieve agreed goals. Therapy is time limited and is in the region of 12 and 24 sessions depending on your needs. This is negotiated at the beginning of therapy.  Sessions are structured and are usually in one hour weekly slots.  The early sessions will focus around helping clarify the nature and extent of the areas of life you are finding difficult. We will then work together to decide what you would most like to work on.  Typically, there may also be agreed activities for you to work through between sessions to support the one-to-one work.

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